Artist’s Pencil Drawings of AlDub Love Team are Incredibly Realistic! Amazing!

There are people truly blessed with the talent to create realistic artwork with their hands – such as this young guy on Instagram going by the user handle, franciissm. According to his profile, franciissm’s real name is Francis Conrad Morilao. He is the son of Francis Morilao who designed the logo of RachFeed.

This multi-talented young guy is not just an artist who uses pencils to sketch people’s faces, he is also a graphic designer, web developer, video editor, photographer, and videographer of Curves and Lines Graphics.. Ah! This guy is a multi-talented one.

It seems he also caught the AlDub fever as his latest creations feature the popular love team. Check out franciissm’s pencil sketch of the fictional super couple:

It is incredible how he was able to achieve such detail on this photo with the use of colored pencils! I would have thought this was a picture applied with some sort of filter (there are lots of apps for that) yet it seems that this incredibly detailed picture is actually franciissm’s sketch! Now that’s what you call a very talented guy! He also made a black and white sketch of Yaya Dub, one half of the AlDub love team. You might laugh at the wacky sketch but you can’t deny this artist truly has a gifted hand. This sketch is also amazing!

Kahit naka wacky ang ganda parin hihi <3 #drawing #portrait #sketch #freehand #pencil #art #fanart #yayadub #aldub #mainemendoza A photo posted by Francis Conrad Morilao (@franciissm) on

This young artist surely has a bright future waiting for him. Good luck, franciissm!

AlDub Love Team

If you’ve been on the web lately, then chances are you have heard about the AlDub love team (even if you don’t know who they are). AlDub is the name given to the fictional power couple comprised of Alden Richards and character Yaya Dub of Eat Bulaga! Yaya Dub is played by Filipina voice dubbing actress Maine Mendoza.

The two artists star in a 30-minute soap opera called “KalyeSerye” within the noontime show’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment. The segment propelled the two artists to stardom, with the love team currently the most talked-about pair on local TV.

According to the Wikipedia, the wedding episode for the YaKie tandem in the KalyeSerye (where Yaya Dub fainted) had increased the show’s ratings and gave a 300% increase in viewership for Eat Bulaga!

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