This Surprising Performance of “One Last Cry” is Truly Amazing. Unbelievable!

In what appears to be the auditions for KPOPSTAR Season 2, a rather shy lady took the stage and introduced her name. She was rather “ordinary” and did not try to impress the judges with a gimmick in her intro.

Then, she began to tap the keys of the piano and sang…and I should tell you it was one of the most amazing renditions of “One Last Cry” I have ever heard in my entire life!

The performance is quite surprising and it will surely amaze you as well. Watch it here:

How to Get a Good Singing Voice

It is amazing how there are people so naturally talented to have such awesome singing voices even without going to singing schools. Yet there are also people who have less than perfect voices but excel in the field of music after a few voice lessons.

Though it is certainly everyone’s dream to have a wonderful talent such as the lady in the audition piece above but if you don’t have that much talent right now, you still have the chance by enrolling in a talent school.

Of course, it would be best to start the kids young yet who said adults can’t learn how to sing as well as the young ones?

How to get a good singing voice is really up to you. Signing up in these schools not only gives you a chance to improve your voice and hit all the right notes, you will also learn how to gain confidence in your talent.

Perhaps the lady in the video did not undergo voice training that’s why she was too shy even when she had a fantastic talent – or perhaps she was too humble to flaunt her awesomeness! Either way, her performance was truly amazing, right?

Maybe I should start looking for a singing tutor…It would certainly be awesome to be able to sing like that! Don’t you think so, too?