Photographer’s Careless Mistake Makes His Photo Go Viral

We’ve all had some mistakes that led to disastrous endings yet I am quite sure there are those that led to awesome eventualities. We surely prefer the latter, of course!

Take this photographer, Jody Grenier, who made a careless mistake while taking a shot of the iconic Clinton Square in Syracuse, New York. One day, while passing by the landmark at 5:30 AM, he was so taken by the lovely view that he took out his Sony DSLR to take shots of the pretty sight.

The veteran photographer forgot to wipe the camera lens, however, so that there some rain spots and mist left on it. The most wonderful thing happened for him, however; instead of these ruining the shots, the water marks actually made the photo look even more stunning than he had expected – and he didn’t even notice it right away!

Grenier posted his work and hurriedly left for work. It was at the end of his shift that he realized just how amazing the shots were – and how many people were amazed by the shots! Within the day, the photo gained over 800 likes.

It seems that the dreamy photo made people love Christmas even more. The special capture has since gained thousands of likes and shares on Facebook (and the numbers continue to rise!).

Our Christmas Tree

Posted by Jody Grenier on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photo Effects

To make photos more interesting, photographers often edit the shots. Today, there are lots of filters that allow even non-professional photographers to create stunning images. One simply has to download apps on their phones to easily edit their photos.

Some of these photo apps come free but many come with a certain price tag; still, most users do not mind shelling out a couple of bucks for the apps as they can use these to create better photos to share with friends on social media, anyway.

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