These Filipino Superstitions are Too Funny…Do You Still Believe in Them?

Even to this day, a lot of Filipinos are superstitious. It does not matter that technological advances have made sure a lot of us are educated with what really causes diseases or events to happen, we still continue to believe in senseless superstitions that do not really have logical explanations.

So, do you still believe in superstitious beliefs or simply follow them because the old ones at home will be angry if you don’t?

Our family does not have superstitious beliefs; though I would say all the instances wherein the palm of my hand is itchy, I would really receive money. LOL.

Watch the hilarious tutorial by Mikey Bustos regarding Filipino beliefs and superstitions here:

Filipino Beliefs and Superstitions

The superstitions Mikey shared in his video are some of the most common you will encounter but there are lots of others, especially believed by those living in the rural areas.

Here are some examples shared by

  • Secretly sprinkle salt around your house if you want to get rid of an unwanted visitor.
  • Let the other people turn the plates and bowls on the table if you have to leave earlier than them.
  • Always leave some rice in the cooking pot so you’ll never run out of food in the house.
  • Spin your plate three times to get rid of the fish bone stuck in your throat but make sure not to tell anyone for this to work.
  • It is forbidden for three people to have their photo taken together because the one in the middle will be the first to die.
  • If you dream about numbers, write them down immediately and head to the lotto outlet. You will surely win!
  • You will become poor if you pay your loans/debts during night time.
  • If you find a coin on the road, place it inside your purse; do not spend it. Then, you will never run out of money.
  • If a white butterfly visits your home, it means you are going to receive money or get lucky soon.
  • If a brown or black butterfly visits your home, it is the spirit of a dead relative.
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