Artist Replaces Family Pictures with Drawings, Parents Only Noticed 11 Days Later

An artist replaces their family photos with drawings, but her parents only noticed the difference some 11 days later! LOL.

Artist Makes Crayon Drawings

Kristen Vogler, an artist, didn’t have much clients due to the downtime brought by COVID-19. So, she thought about pranking her parents by replacing the family pictures with crayon drawings. She had so much fun making the drawings and making sure she puts them up without her parents in the living room.

family photos with drawings

Photo credit: Kristen Vogler / Facebook

But the prank worked much better than she thought – and it took them 11 days before noticing what she had done to the family wall! LOL. Kristen joked that she felt quite worried about that fact.

In case anyone needs a laugh or Some Good News, I’ve been working on a project for the last 12 days, without telling my parents, waiting for them to notice,” Kristen shared.

I started poorly recreating the framed photos on our wall with top notch art supplies, aka – a box of crayons. Every day I replaced a new photo with a new, and terrible, crayon drawing. Sneaking these masterpieces up was not easy, I had to hide in the bathroom clutching the frames multiple times.

There are 12 photos on the wall. With Kristen replacing one per day, she nearly completed the entire family wall before her parents even noticed the difference!

It took Paula Sassone Vogler and Mike Vogler 11 days to notice that anything had changed. I find that concerning 😂,” she added on her post.

“I had a lot of fun messing with my parents during the downtime between Kristen Vogler Design projects. I hope you enjoy it, and if you know someone needing a mediocre crayon drawing, you know where to find me.

*these crayon works are not supposed to be good by any means, that was part of the fun, so feel free to make fun of them.”

It was Paula who finally noticed the drawings on the family wall. She called her husband and they both had a good laugh over Kristen’s prank.

This is the completed wall:

What is the Meaning of Mediocre?

Mediocre is the term used for something that is not of good quality. It is average or ordinary.