Old Couple Prepares Their Kids’ Favorite Food But None Returned Home

Parents will always try to give what is best for their children, even if that means sacrificing their own comfort.

In Shanxi, China, an old couple whose six kids already work in the city had looked forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, a day often celebrated with family reunions.

In anticipation of their children’s arrival, the couple made sure to prepare a feast and their favourite: chili paste to bring back to the city.

Photo credit: Sinchew / Kwongwah

Despite being 71 years old, Lee worked the heavy public mill in the village to prepare the chili paste while his wife Zhang mixed the additional ingredients, garlic and salt.

A lot of people noticed the couple working doubly hard on the heavy mill but they happily said they were willing to continue doing so until they have enough chili paste prepared for their 6 children.

They had no idea whether all or just some of the kids will be back but because they didn’t want them to think they had favorites, the couple made sure to make enough for everyone.

Our children will return in two days’ time, and they’ll be looking forward to this chilli sauce. We better get going with the grinding,” Lee happily told the other villagers.

Photo credit: Sinchew / Kwongwah

But the day before the celebration, the couple received bad news: all their kids were too busy at work to get back home for the holiday. They received the message through a young neighbor’s WeChat.

While Zhang did her best to hide her disappointment and still smile to her children, Lee couldn’t help but cry as he had been looking forward to the reunion with his kids. The couple did not tell their kids about their preparation and, sadly, spent the Mid-Autumn Festival day working in the fields as they didn’t feeling like celebrating because their kids weren’t around…

Photo credit: Sinchew / Kwongwah

They admitted they went to work so they can save enough money so that their kids can come home for the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year… Let’s hope they come this time!

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