Artist Mom Goes Viral After Sharing Photo Of Her Breastfeeding Twins While Working

Motherhood is never easy but somehow, many modern moms out there show us they can make it work. On top of nurturing children and doing their share of home chores, they also help their spouses by working.

Hein Koh, an artist based in Brooklyn, is one such mother.

Although she stays at home to take care of her twins, she has proven that mothers really don’t have to sacrifice their career just to fulfill their important family roles.

In a BoredPanda blog, we learn that Koh recently responsed to artist Marina Abramovic who said she had to get three abortions because it would be “disaster for (her) work.” In her Instagram and Facebook pages, Koh replied by sharing a photo showing her breastfeeding her twins while working.

hein koh artist mom breastfeeding twins 1

Photo credit: Hein Koh

Koh said:

“When my twins were 5 weeks old and despite the sleep deprivation and frequent (every 2-3 hours, 24-7, 45 min at a time) breastfeeding, I was still getting sh*t done. Marina Abramovic thinks children hold women back in the art world, but as @dubz19 put so aptly, “F#%K THAT”.”

hein koh artist mom breastfeeding twins 4

Photo credit: Hein Koh

Koh further commented:

“Somehow as a man you are allowed to have kids and still be perceived as driven in your career. While if you are a woman who has a child, people think of it as a huge sacrifice.”

“The new family models are changing — mothers don’t necessarily have to be the primary caretakers anymore. With a more even distribution of responsibilities, and a support system — support is key, and I recognize it is a privilege — women can still have children and be successful in their careers.”

hein koh artist mom breastfeeding twins 3

Photo credit: Hein Koh

She also shared:

“I’ve pieced together a schedule that allows me to spend time with the kids for at least a few hours every day, but also have at least a few hours to myself to work in my studio or do other things that I need to do.

“Childcare is a privilege, and unfortunately many moms and artists don’t have that. That being said, I understand how fortunate I am and I don’t waste time.”

hein koh artist mom breastfeeding twins 2

Photo credit: Hein Koh

The hardworking artist-mom concluded:

“We all have to do what we think is best for ourselves and our families.

“I’m just trying to live my life, and I know I have limitations but I’m doing the best I can. People should just leave moms alone, and mind their own business. Especially other moms, who are always the first to judge. Regardless of our individual choices, women should support other women, and lead by example rather than attack. That’s the kind of culture I want to promote.”

Koh does sculptures and drawings. If you’re interested to see her stuff, go visit her official website.

What Are The Benefits of Breastfeeding?

According to the BabyCenter:

“Breast milk is best for your baby, and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. In addition to containing all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life, breast milk is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness.”

The site likewise mentioned:

“Numerous studies from around the world have shown that stomach viruses, lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections, and meningitis occur less often in breastfed babies and are less severe when they do happen. Exclusive breastfeeding (meaning no solid food, formula, or water) for at least six months seems to offer the most protection.”