Armless Beggar Amazes Restaurant Diners with His Excellent Talent

He was carrying a bag strapped across his chest because he did not have arms yet one beggar amazed the diners at Julio’s Buffet and Jazz Joint in Tacloban City, Leyte (in the Philippines) with his amazing voice. The restaurant’s admin posted a video of the guy on their Facebook page.

It seems that the man had interrupted a function to ask for alms but instead of turning him away, the staff decided to give him the floor. It turned out to be a good idea because this man had a great voice.

He might not win in a major singing contest or even have the chance to compete on a national level because of his location away from the nation’s capital but this guy surely impressed a number of people. In fact, the staff of the restaurant were so impressed with his performance that they shared his video on their official Facebook page.

We hope this guy could get a break (and perhaps be hired by the restaurant?) so he could improve his life from being a lowly beggar roaming the streets and business establishments for money to become a regular entertainer at some store or restaurant.

Watch him sing here:

Disabled People in Entertainment

While it is true that many disabled people continue to face stigma across many areas in the world when it comes to their being in the entertainment industry, this discrimination is slowly being eradicated as more and more disabled people have proven that they can be just as incredible (even more so!) as “regular” people.

It is also true that many people with disability, especially those with unusual deformations and birth defects, have been exploited in the circus, a lot have also found their calling in various jobs, especially now that there are lots of work-at-home or freelance opportunities even in the entertainment industry.

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