Watch Girlfriend’s Shocking Reaction after Boyfriend’s Hair Loss Prank

What would you do if someone pulls out or cut a lot of hair from your head? For sure many would freak out when that happens – I surely would, too!

So, we expected a similar reaction from one beautiful lady whose boyfriend decided to prank her while she’s taking a bath. Pretending he was shampooing her hair for a vlog (video blog) to show their fans on YouTube channel, ViralBrothers, he would soon pretend to pull her hair hard enough that he was able to get a huge clump of hair on his hands.

The girl jumped out of the bathtub in anger over her boyfriend’s actions; though we were wondering why she would believe that clump of hair was from her head as it would have been very painful if the guy had really pulled out that much hair. Still, she was probably shocked by the fact that he had that much hair in his hands to think.

But we were more shocked by what happened next! Check it out in this video:

Scripted Pranks or Domestic Abuse?

After expressing her disbelief and anger, she pushed him into the bathtub! Although it was not caught on camera, the guy said he hit his head on the faucet. This made us wonder whether this was merely a scripted prank. After all, pushing someone into the tub is domestic abuse, right?

Also, this crazy hair loss prank was made in revenge of the girl super-gluing her naked boyfriend on a chair. I don’t know about you but I find that rather disturbing. When will these cycles of “revenge pranks” go on? They could be seriously hurting each other! Yes, to their minds these pranks are done in the spirit of having fun but when can you officially say someone crossed the line?

Well, I hope they do not do anything crazier than what they have done so far. Good luck to them both.

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