HRM Student from Iloilo Kills Classmate Due to Bullying

Allison Hecita, a freshman Hotel and Restaurant Management student at Cabalum Western College in Iloilo City,  stabbed and killed classmate Jay Mark Barlan on Thursday, August 20.

Hecita, 21, told the police that he had enough of Barlan’s constant bullying prompting him to stab the 19-year-old student from Molo District in Iloilo City. Barlan was about to enter their classroom when Hecita stabbed him with a knife in the lower chest.



The victim was rushed to St. Paul University Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Hecita surrendered to the guard of the school and was turned ove r toPolice Precinct 1. He is currently detained awaiting the filing of criminal charges.

15 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

A child who experiences constant bullying may suffer severe emotional harm that may cause the decline of his or her mental health and self-esteem. Bullied boys and girls have been observed to have high levels of emotional distress and loneliness. Moreover, bullying also causes loneliness, depression, anxiety, and lower self-esteem. In worst cases, a child decides to commit suicide just to escape bullying.

While some children openly tell their parents problems experienced at school, some kids refuse to admit that they are being bullied. Fortunately, there are a couple of warning signs that can help you prevent bullying, according to

  1. Unexplained scrapes, cuts, bruises, or physical marks
  2. Unexplained loss of personal things including money,lunches, schools supplies, toys, or clothes
  3. Damaged personal things
  4. Refusing to go to school
  5. Refusing to ride the school bus
  6. Afraid to be alone and suddenly being clingy
  7. Remarkable change in personality and behaviour
  8. Appears moody, depressed, anxious, angry or sad with no known cause
  9. Having difficulty in sleeping
  10. Change in eating habits
  11. Having frequent visits to the school nurse’s office
  12. Starts bullying smaller children or siblings
  13. Refusing to be in a regular peer group
  14. Significant and sudden drop in grades
  15. Talks about suicide