American Idol Finalist and Classmates Surprise Cancer-Stricken Former Teacher

It is said that teaching is a noble profession – and millions of teachers across the world have sacrificed their time (and money!) all for the love of teaching and molding young minds. Teachers shape the world!

Now, there’s one teacher who had made a huge impact in the lives of American Idol finalist Peter Frank and his classmates – their choir teacher, Gabrielyn Watson, at Morgan Park High School.

When they learned that she has once again braved another bout with cancer which she had struggled with for some time already, Frank and his classmates did not hesitate to come back to their alma mater to surprise their beloved music teacher.

After battling anemia and kidney complications arising from her multiple myeloma, Ms. Watson was strong enough to get back to working. She was invited at school for a teacher interview. Little did she know that she was in for a big surprise from her former students – and the teacher interview was merely a ruse so she would be there for their performance.

Frank was the first to greet her at the hall, singing the first lines of “Amazing Grace”. Quite shocked and overwhelmed with emotion at seeing Frank serenading her at the hall, Ms. Watson dropped to the floor with tears in her eyes. But the surprise did not stop there because more students popped out to the hall following more lines in the song. It was a sweet reunion!

Watch the heartwarming video here:

Music Teachers

Educators who specifically teach music are called music teachers – and they might not even hold a degree in education at all. Some music schools accept teachers who do not have a background in education as long as they are good in music and are willing to impart their knowledge to others.

In school, music teachers are also the ones designated as choir teachers and advisers. They are often the ones who train the students not just through vocal coaching but also in the use of various musical instruments.