Albanian Cops Delight Kids At Hospital By Disguising As Superheroes

Sure, it does take more than a mask and a cape to be a real-life hero – but sometimes, it’s simply more fun to wear some superhero garb anyway.

This story is about how officers from the Albanian Police Force and Special Forces went out of their way to surprise hospitalized youngsters who couldn’t celebrate International Children Day outdoors with their friends last June 1, 2016.

albanian police superheroes 1

Photo credit: Ministria e Punëve të Brendshme

Much to the kids’ delight, superheroes came flying through the terrace in their windows at the children’s hospital in Tirana. The cops were dressed in full costume of popular characters from Marvel and DC Comics such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, and others. They brought gifts for the kids and gave away special badges that, when translated from Albanian language, say “You are our Hero!”

Naturally, the children were thrilled for the chance to hang out with their favorite heroes. The parents, on the other hand, were obviously touched by the kind gesture.

Several photos of the heartwarming superhero encounter were posted on the Facebook page of Ministria e Punëve të Brendshme. The images have since gone viral as numerous websites eventually picked up on the story.

Our hats are off to these mighty police officers who unselfishly shared their time for this unique initiative. It is quite refreshing to hear uplifting stories about police officers in a day and time when they are often portrayed negatively in media. You guys are indeed real-life superheroes!

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