BFF’s Make It to LET Top 10

The friends you keep speak a lot about you. Pals make a huge difference on the way you think, feel and behave. They can greatly influence the important choices you make in life. That’s why we are constantly reminded to carefully select our close confidants.

Clarissa Pascual and Heidiebel Balais, who have been the best of friends since their first year at Mariano Marcos State University, seem to have positively influenced each other. Aside from graduating cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, both of them made it to the top 10 of the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers.



While Pascual placed 7th, Balais secured the 10th spot in the exam.The pals were among the 5 MMSU-CTE graduates who landed in the top 10.

In their interview with ABS-CBN News, Pascual said: “Hindi ko inexpect, I asked for a place pero hindi ganun kataas. Sobra akong thankful kasi nagbunga ang mga paghihirap ko at sacrifices ng family ko.”

Meanwhile, Balais revealed that she is happy that both of them passed the board exam. According to her, she would feel sad if one of them didn’t pass the BLEPT.

“Mas happy ako kasi pareho kaming nakapasa kasi sigurado malulungkot ako talaga kung isa sa amin ang hindi pumasa,” Balais said.

So what exactly was the pals’ strategy in passing the BLEPT?

Aside from their innate intelligence, Pascual and Balais enrolled in two different review centers. The two made it a point to meet each other after review sessions to share materials.

Currently, Pascual and Balais are working as call center agents but both plan to teach in their alma mater after their contracts with the company end.

What are the health benefits of friendship?

According to, having strong social relationships makes you live longer, helps keep your mind sharp, and improves measures of health like blood pressure, waist circumference and body mass index.