Boy Cycles 16 Kilometers to Sell Coin Banks Even for a Very Small Profit

He earns just Php5 ($0.10) for every bamboo coin bank he sells at Carcar City in Central Cebu, Philippines, yet 16-year-old grade 4 pupil Tonyo Escunde does not mind because the money is already a big help for his family, especially because the coin bank maker also gives him a kilogram of rice every time he buys several pieces to resell.

Considering that the profit is too small, Tonyo does not ride a bus or jeepney to Carcar City from his home in Dakit, Barili located about 16 kilometers away. Instead, he uses a small bike.

He also revealed to netizen Rayamel Racoma, the one who shared his story on Facebook, that he sleeps over in the city (possibly at the benches in the park or on the pavement at quiet sidewalks) during Fridays and Saturdays so he does not have to cycle all the way back to his home in the dark of night.

Tonyo admitted that even if he was already 16 years old, he is still studying as a grade 4 pupil yet he is trying hard to persevere in his studies and to earn money to help his family.

Photo credit:  Rayamel Racoma

Photo credit: Rayamel Racoma

Touched by the boy’s plight, Rayamel bought a coin bank for Php70 ($1.50) instead of its usual price of Php60 ($1.30). When he learned that the boy hasn’t had dinner yet, Rayamel also bought him a hotdog meal from a nearby fastfood chain.

Rayamel’s heart was crushed when the boy only ate the hotdog, saving the bread for his breakfast the following day.

He encourages other netizens who read his post to share even just Php10 ($0.20) coins, planning to fill the coin bank he bought from Tonyo with all these coin donations to later give to the boy for his needs. He also hopes that other netizens would buy coin banks from the boy.

Rayamel ends his Facebook post with this reflection and a call to action for other netizens to help Tonyo:


I feel bad because i always complain to things that comes my way. I always complain of the food, my clothes, my job, schooling, traffic and even on my vacay. But this BOY DID NOT COMPLAIN TO DRIVE ALL THE WAY FROM BARILI TO CARCAR JUST TO SELL COINBANK AND EARN 30 pesos to 100 pesos everyday.. He DID NOT COMPLAIN OF NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT HIS DINNER ON TIME. I can feel the SINCERITY ABOUT WHAT HE IS DOING for 2 years now.

Please help me change his LIFE by buying his COINBANK or in any kind of HELP that can put SMILE in his FACE.

I would like to have the COINBANK i bought from him to FILL it 10 peso coin and all of the PROCEEDS will be personally handed to him in a kind of buying things that he needs. e.g clothes, school suplies and groceries for his family.

Your 10 PESO is just a small amount that can BRING and PAINT A SMILE to TONYO! Please HELP me and Lets make THINGS HAPPEN.

Ohhh!! His BIRTHDAY is on May 10, he never experienced celebrating and blowing candles on his previous birthday.


For more information, contact Rayamel via his Facebook page.

Coin Banks

Any kind of container can be used as coin banks yet for best results, it is better to choose materials that could not be easily opened so that you can truly save money instead of simply opening the coin bank for even the smallest whim since it is easy to open and close, anyway.

Bamboo coin banks are made of bamboo cut in such a way that the finished product only has one opening: a slit near the top where you can put the coins in.


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