Adorable Dog Helps Wash Owner’s Clothes

Dogs are man’s best friends – there’s no question about it. But have dogs become man’s best house helpers, too?

One dog recently went viral for helping her human friend do the laundry. Social media just can’t get over the cuteness of this adorable helper dog.

Dog Helps Wash Owner’s Clothes

What tricks can your dog do? Of course, these tricks would depend on what you taught your dog or what it has watched you do. There are dogs that actually learn tricks on their own, without getting trained or being rewarded to do it.

Secret is an Australian Shepherd who lives with her human, Mary, who posts their adventures and fun moments together on her Instagram account, @my_aussie_gal.

Photo credit: @my_aussie_gal

We did some laundry together this morning! 😀🧺 It’s amazing how anything can be fun when you’re doing it with a friend ❤️,” Mary wrote as she shared the video of their laundry task.

But it is no ordinary laundry video because Secret, the dog, could be seen helping Mary with her tasks! Isn’t that impressive?

At the start of the clip, Secret could be seen taking some clothes off the dryer at the laundromat. She carefully puts the clothes in the laundry basket, while Mary could be seen also getting another batch from another dryer beside Secret’s.

Photo credit: @my_aussie_gal

After removing everything from the dryer, probably with some help from Mary, Secret then shut the door.

But this dog’s laundry task wasn’t finished yet. He helped Mary bring the laundry to her room by dragging the laundry basket along.

Then, she helped Mary put the clothes inside her closet, before shutting the drawer door. Isn’t she cute?

Many netizens couldn’t help but express admiration over how helpful and clever this dog is. For sure, she must have seen her human doing the laundry many times, that’s why she’s so willing to help.

What’s an Australian Shepherd?

An Australian Shepherd is a herding dog that, despite its name, actually first came from the United States. These dogs are described as dominant, with a strong personality. They might not be good for households with kids.

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