A heavily pregnant woman from Sydney, Australia who was left by her husband with a huge debt has found unexpected help from a radio station who gave her money to pay off the debt and start a new life with her baby.

What’s rather sad about this story is that the woman named Amanda and her husband had been trying to conceive for 3 years, with many failures. They had spent a good deal of money on the procedures so they could have a little angel of their own.

After spending a lot of money and going deeper in debt as well as dealing with the heartbreaks of several miscarriages, Amanda finally got pregnant with a healthy baby. To celebrate their new family, the couple also purchased their first hope to fully prepare for their child.

Screenshot from video by KIIS 1065 / YouTube

After 2 months of renovating their new home, the couple moved in. They finally had everything they could ever dream of!

But all those went down the drain when Amanda’s husband suddenly left her for another woman! The shocked wife could not believe that her husband would do that everything that they had went through all those years.

While she could accept that he was gone from her life forever, he did leave her with a huge debt to pay, including the mortgage of their family home – and with the baby about to be born in a few weeks, Amanda was distraught.

Thankfully, radio station KIIS 1065 heard of Amanda’s story and quickly jumped in to save the pregnant woman from her dire predicament.

Screenshot from video by KIIS 1065 / YouTube

Not only did they give her a lot of things she needed for the baby, they also gave her a good amount of money to pay off her debt and start over!

It was a good thing there are still a lot of kindhearted people who are ready to help the likes of Amanda left by her heartless husband…

What is a Mortgage?

Mortgage is the term used for a loan/debt that is used to buy/fund real estate property.

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