VIDEO: Indian Woman Shames the Man Who Molested Her

After being touched and harassed during an Indigo flight from Mumbai, a woman confronted the man who allegedly molested her. The video of the confrontation, which the woman recorded, is making rounds on the internet.

According to the furious woman, the man who was seated behind her touched her during the flight. Initially, she just let it pass since she was in a very shocked state to react.

“This man on the seat behind mine, put his fingers in the seat gap to touch me,” the woman wrote in the description of the video.

As the plane landed, the woman noticed that the man was about to touch her for the second time.

She then took the opportunity to confront and shame her alleged harasser in front of other passengers in the flight.

Check out the video of their confrontation inside the plane:

A second video of their confrontation inside the Bhubaneshwar airport also emerged. In the second video, the man  was seen offering to give the girl a written apology. The man, who is reportedly a very rich man from  Bhubaneswar, said that he is ready to face the consequences of his actions.

However, his apologies didn’t seem enough for the harassed woman.

See their second confrontation video inside the airport:

The two video clips were forwarded to Shreyas Rao who uploaded it on YouTube. Reports claimed that the alleged harasser has been arrested and is under the custody of police. BuzzFeed India is yet to confirm these reports.