Adorable 6-Year-Old Kid Buys Mom a Gold Ring with His Birthday Money

He’s just 6 years old but one boy already knows how to make his mom feel appreciated! Instead of buying a toy for himself, he used his birthday money to buy a gold ring for his mother. Wow.

Boy Uses Birthday Money to Buy Gold Ring for Mom

Kids love toys and would, more often than not, ask their parents to buy them toys if someone gives them money. This applies to most kids, but one boy from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Malaysia is different from all the others.

At just 6 years old, this boy already knows how to make his mother feel appreciated when he used his birthday money to buy her a gold ring.

A boy named Afiq Edison received money for his birthday. The following day, while he and his brother were getting a haircut, he noticed that there’s a jewelry shop in front of the barber shop. He told his dad that he wants to buy a ring for his mother, Sumarnie Edison!

Photo credit: Sumarnie Edison / Facebook

He received RM5 ($1.22) for his birthday but had some other money he saved from his gifts. Afiq’s dad was quite happy to see him choosing a gift for his mother. So, he told the kid to pick one that’s within their budget of RM300 ($73.50).

After much deliberation, the kid finally picked one that costs RM260 ($63.50). His dad helped pay the RM70 ($17). He sent Sumarnie some photos of their ‘secret’ trip as Afiq picked her surprise gift – but told her to pretend she doesn’t know about it. This boy is really so sweet!

Happy with the boy’s gift, Sumarnie shared the pictures on her Facebook account and proudly wrote, “Mummy is moved and proud of you, Afiq.”

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