Player Gets Injured After Hitting a Homerun…Opponents Carry Her to Homebase!

Softball player Sara Tucholsky hit her first homerun ever – with the ball flying over the fence – in a championship match between Western Oregon and Central Washington. There is no question this is a homerun. No one from the opposing team could ever run so fast as to reach the fence, climb over it, retrieve the ball, and throw it back to the other players to take out Sara. Yep. It was clearly a homerun.

However, while running towards the bases, Sara realized she was not able to touch the first base. So, she immediately went back to hit the base but injured her leg in the process. The pain was so great that it immobilized her. Instead of running towards the other bases to fulfill her homerun, she could only hug the first base.

Softball rules ensured that her teammates could not help her else she loses the homerun yet she could surely not make it across the other bases without help.

Then, a miracle happened. The opposing team’s star player Mallory Holtman – the greatest player in Central Washington – stepped in. She and teammate Liz Wallace volunteered to carry Sara to the homeplate – much to the surprise of everyone.

Surely, if they do that, they would not be breaking any softball rules but this could mean that Sara would score the homerun point and their own team stands to lose the game. This did not bother the girls. According to Mallory, Sara deserves the homerun, so they are giving it to her.

As the girls walked across the plates, everyone was teary eyed.

Watch the tear-jerking video below: