New Mom’s Birth Selfie Goes Viral after Husband Collapsed in the Background

The birth of a baby is a wonderful moment for a couple. But it can also be a difficult, overwhelming situation – and a number of tough guys are known to be such softies in the delivery room! Some melt at the sight of their newborn baby but others, errrrr, are so overwhelmed that they forget to breathe for a bit. LOL.

A new mom shared a birth selfie, just like what a lot of moms do these days. But hers went viral because her husband could be seen on the floor, with the medical staff attending to him instead of her! LOL. It’s a moment that he surely would not live down!

While in many hospitals the husbands are not allowed to enter the delivery room, there are also plenty of hospitals who welcome the guys in, so they can witness the beautiful moment. But not all guys, it appears, can handle the stress of watching his wife scream in pain or the sight of the squirming baby coming out.

In the selfie of the still unnamed woman, the couple had finally welcomed their baby into this world. But the husband was unable to handle the momentous moment and collapsed to the floor. Oooops. We’re unsure whether the moment happened after the woman had already given birth, but it was clear that this tough guy isn’t so tough after all.

The wife happily smiles for the selfie, but netizens were more interested with her husband’s situation on the floor.

Omg lmao poor guy had no idea what he was in for,” one wrote.

This would be you,” one woman tagged what appears to be her husband.

And while there were some who thought that the photo appears staged, a number of ladies also shared their experiences at the delivery room – with their husband also ‘feeling dizzy’ or actually leaving the room, unable to handle the ‘situation’.

What is Labor?

Labor is a medical term used for the process of childbirth wherein the mother’s body changes to bring the baby to the outside world.

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