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Graduate Honors Parents Who Sold Streetfood to Earn Money

Her mom cooked the delicious streetfood (burgers, siomai, and grahamballs) that her father would peddle from house to house across their town just so they could earn enough money to support her education in a private school – so, as she graduates from college, Love Ramos (Diwata) penned a heartfelt letter and shared it on Facebook to thank them for their unconditional love and support.

In a post that has since gone viral on social media, Diwata shares how her mother would cook the food her father would sell daily – and how her father would always make sure to sell everything even if he had to go home late at night.

She also narrated how her mother was always there for her, the one who would wake her up each morning and the one who always waits for her at home each night. She lovingly describes her mother as a ‘nagger’ yet supportive mom who always placed great trust in her abilities so much that even if times were hard, they never transferred her to a public school.

She also described her dad not just as a hardworking father but as a man of dignity, her first love, and the one she could always run to when she’s in trouble for he is always willing to comfort her, especially when she experienced her first heartbreak.

Photo credit: Facebook/Love Ramos (Diwata)
Photo credit: Facebook/Love Ramos (Diwata)

Aside from thanking her parents, Diwata also thanked her numerous aunts and uncles who supported their family her churchmates who were also her strength and her motivators, and her mentors at the Lyceum of Alabang in Muntinlupa, Philippines.

Diwata shares her story to serve as an inspiration for others that even simple people from simple families can reach their dreams. She then tells her parents that graduating from college was just the beginning because she will surely carry out her other promises to them – to buy them a house and travel together as a family!

What a beautiful inspiration…

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