Kid Goes Viral as He Prefers Outdoor Activities Over Gadgets and TV

With most kids these days spending more time on gadgets and watching TV, it is nice to learn of a kid who would rather play outdoors than choose screen time.

Photo credit: Twitter / @zhariframli

Meet Mikail Harith, a 6-year-old kid in Malaysia who isn’t so interested in playing with gadgets or watching TV. Instead, he loves playing outdoors, going camping, going fishing, helping in the garden, and lots of other stuff that most kids don’t like to do anymore. He also enjoys doing chores at home, knows how to iron his own clothes, and helps his parents take care of his baby sister.

His proud uncle, Twitter user @zhariframli, shared photos of the kid as he enjoys those outdoor activities. This truly impressive young boy wowed everyone, with many netizens commenting that they wished their kids would also be like this boy.

According to his proud uncle, Mikail actually lives in the big city with his parents and baby sister. And while he does get to enjoy watching TV and playing with gadgets from time to time, just like other kids his age, he’s not too excited to do so.

He would rather spend more time at his grandfather’s farm during weekends where he is free to roam around and enjoy the great outdoors. During weekends, the family would travel to the farm to relax – and Mikail would be at his element there.

He loves to go camping under the stars and doesn’t mind sleeping on the cold, hard ground. He also enjoys fishing from the pond inside his grandfather’s farm and loves to help in the garden. He is more content with playing in the grass and finding small animals in the field than spending the entire day playing with his gadgets! This kid is definitely one of a kind.

What is Screen Time?

Screen time is the time spent using a device that has a screen, particularly cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, or TV.