Couple Shocked after Message on Wedding Cake Goes Horribly Wrong

A newlywed couple were shocked after the message on their wedding cake goes horribly wrong! It was so bad that a photo of the cake has gone viral, with many netizens expressing their puzzlement as to how the cake decorator even thought of doing this!

Wedding Cake Fail

Wedding cakes are certainly among the highlights of the wedding. In fact, couples planning to get married are advised to pick the best wedding cakes that would suit their theme. After all, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It should definitely look great!

Of course, there are many ways to save on the wedding cake but still have something that looks fabulous. There are even plenty of hacks that you can copy to transform cheap store-bought cakes into gorgeous wedding cakes with just a few accents.

One couple must have read that somewhere – and decided to copy the hack. Store-bought cakes are cheap, readily available, and easy to order. They did not count, however, on the store employee messing up the order big time!

The couple asked the store employee to write, “Wiser Wedding”. But they did not stop to check whether the employee got it right – and the cake ended up with a really horrible message, “Why’s there a wedding?

Written in green letters, the cake’s message appears to question the wedding. This led the wedding coordinator to snap a photo and share on social media. Apparently, while the couple hired a wedding organizer, they wanted to pick their own cake. It was a terrible mistake.

Photo credit: Reddit / Indian Express

This is why you hire professionals,” shared the wedding coordinator who posted the picture on Reddit.

My clients bought this from our local grocery store bakery… It’s supposed to say ‘Wiser Wedding’. This will be their wedding horror story for sure.”

Store-Bought Cake Hacks

There are many ways to transform a store-bought cake for your wedding.

  • Add fresh flowers
  • Add accents like sprinkles
  • Add beautiful toppers
  • Create layers
  • Change the base
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