Brokenhearted Groom ‘Marries’ Bride He Lost at Blast in Beirut

A brokenhearted groom ‘marries’ the bride he lost at the blast in Beirut, Lebanon. The sad ending to their happy love story broke his heart and made many netizens cry, too.

Man Loses Bride to Beirut Blast

The twin blasts in Beirut, Lebanon last August 4, claimed the lives of over 200 people. One of the people who lost their lives to the incident is a 27-year-old paramedic who’s set to be married next year.

Photo credit: Gilbert Karaan / Instagram

In his post on Instagram, Sahar Fares’ groom-to-be Gilbert Karaan shares a heartbreaking tribute to the woman of his dreams who lost her life before they could fulfill their long-time plan of getting married. The day he lost Sahar was the most devastating day in his life – and Gilbert could not help but feel crushed that he would never be able to hug his girl again.

The day before the funeral, Gilbert vowed to love Sahar forever and to get ‘married’ to her. It’s the most heartbreaking wedding as they her down to rest…

Our wedding was supposed to be on 6/6/2021. You were preparing our new home, choosing the furniture you like, getting ready for our new life together. But you left me too early. Your wedding is no longer on 6/6/2021, but it will be tomorrow my dear.

Everything that you wanted at the wedding will be there except I won’t get to see you in your white dress. You have broken my back my love, and burnt the heart of my heart. There is no more taste to life after you.

The grieving groom knows that he must remain strong for their love to live and promised to always love her until the day they are reunited again…

What Do You Write in a Tribute?

There is not specific thing to write in a tribute, but this should be something that matters to you and should honor the person for whom the message is written. It would be a good idea to write about an event or moment that had the most impact to you, involving this person.

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