6 Benefits of Having Children after 30

More and more women these days choose to have kids after 30 as it makes practical and financial sense. Experiencing motherhood beyond the age of 30 seems advantageous for many women as they have already established a stable career, built strong relationships and are in a better financial cushion at this point.

However, your chances of getting pregnant in this age is already lower than in your 20s. Your risk of having a miscarriage or a baby with Down syndrome is also slightly higher at this age. Despite these disadvantages, many women are finding more reasons to have kids after 30.

Here are some benefits of being a mother in your 30s, according to The Asian Parent.

1. You have more life experience.


Women in their 30’s, whether a first time or a seasoned mother, have tons of life experience that can certainly help them in child rearing. The wisdom that you gain from life experience through career, business, travel or relationships will aid you in raising your kid.

2. You’re in a better place with your career.


When it comes to your career and finances, you’re definitely in a much better place now compared to your earlier years. This is a wonderful advantage as you don’t have to worry about finding ways to provide for your kids.

3. Your have more experienced, knowledgeable friends.


At this age, most of your peers probably have kids. This means that you can turn to them for reliable advice and tips when it comes to dealing with children.

4. You’ll appear and feel younger.


While many believe becoming a mom makes them look and feel older, mothers who have their babies in 30’s actually look and feel younger. If people spot you pushing a stroller, chances are they’ll assume you’re a new mom in your 20s. Also, women are naturally rejuvenated after giving birth.

5. You get to do fun activities that other adults don’t normally get to do.


Having a child gives you the perks to go to the zoo, carnivals, and amusement parks for kids. This is something many adults don’t have the chance to do.

6. You have a higher threshold for tolerance and patience.

Compared to mothers in their 20s, women in their 30s have more patience and tolerance, which are valuable traits of parents.