Wife Buys Husband a PS5 as ‘Thank You’ Gift for Helping in House Chores

Guys, do you help with the house chores? One guy in Malaysia regularly helps his wife with the chores – and she rewarded him with a PS5 as ‘thank you’ gift. Isn’t that amazing?

Wife Gifts Husband with PS5 for Helping in Chores

A lot of husbands don’t really help with the house chores, particularly if they are the ones who have a job while their wife just stays at home. For many guys, work in the house is something that women are supposed to do.

Photo credit: Adlina Yusof / TikTok

For many of these guys, house chores are women’s tasks, even if the guys are jobless and their wives have a job! That backward mentality remains prevalent across the world.

That’s why ladies with husbands who help around the house know that they are quite lucky!

Photo credit: Adlina Yusof / TikTok

One husband in Malaysia recently received a PS5 from his wife as a ‘thank you’ gift because he helps around the house even if he has a job.

Their story went viral, with many wives commenting that they truly wished their husbands would also do the same – and they would gladly give a reward, too (though probably not a PS5).

In a post on TikTok, Adlina Yusof described her husband as a kind, hardworking guy who’s been helping out with the chores at home even from the start of their marriage.

Photo credit: Adlina Yusof / TikTok

Despite actually being the one working while Adlina stays at home, this wonderful husband helps in doing the laundry and putting the clothes to dry on the racks. After buying groceries from the market, he helps prepare the fresh products and even cooks at times.

After a meal, Adlina said her husband would also help in washing their dishes. That’s not to mention taking care of their baby, too.


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To show her appreciation for her husband’s help around the house, Adlina decided to buy him a PS5. He loves it! He couldn’t even help but cry happy tears after Adlina surprised him with the gadget.

What a great couple.


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What’s a PS5?

A PS5 is a gaming console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The ‘standard’ PS5 comes with the Blu-Ray drive and sells for $500 while the ‘digital only’ version costs $400 and lacks an optical drive.