A Touching Tribute to Moms for Mother’s Day

What would the world be without mothers? Well, since we could not really reproduce without mothers, then the world would surely be a barren place which might be filled with all sorts of rocks, water and land features, and plants but no animals, no people.

But mothers are not just the bearer of children. Their primary purpose in life is not just to carry their babies inside the womb but to also nurture them and prepare them for what life they might have ahead.

Although mom would wish to be there for every single moment of her children’s life, that is not possible of course. Yet each mom would love to do that, anyway. Moms are willing to do anything and everything to make their kids’ lives truly a wonderful one.

It is said that there are no heavenly angels living on Earth yet moms are our personal angels. So, this Mother’s Day, it is but fitting to honor them for all their sacrifices and their endless love.

Watch this touching tribute from Home Free, aptly entitled, “Mom”.

Mother’s Day Celebration

A celebration specifically created for mothers, motherly figures, and maternal bonds, Mother’s Day is currently celebrated on the second or third Sunday of May in most cultures yet there are areas where the holiday is celebrated in another month, such as March.

Did you know that though the modern Mother’s Day began in the US in the early 20th century (in 1908), motherhood has long been celebrated in ancient cultures as far back as thousands of years ago? Amazing, isn’t it?

Now, why is Mother’s Day spelled in singular form when it is supposed to be in honor of the mothers around the world? Well, the person who started the celebration, Anna Jarvis, wanted each family to personally honor their mothers. However, spelling variations like “Mothers Day” and “Mothers’ Day” are also acceptable.

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