Teenage Stepdad Earns Praise from Netizens for His Sacrifice

These days, there really are a lot of young lovers, pregnant teenagers, and broken relationships. It is hard to tell if a relationship will last because even the ‘perfect couples’ eventually break up.

A lot of jaded netizens would comment on sweet photos of couples, half-joking that these couples would just break up in the future, anyway. Sadly, many actually do!

One teenage mom experienced the same thing with the father of her child. Abbygail Marquez revealed on a Facebook post that after she got pregnant, her boyfriend left her and their daughter. After that, she thought that she would never find love again and had only wanted to focus on her daughter, ignoring her many suitors.

Then, her first boyfriend, Jay Fernandez, re-entered the scene. According to Marquez, this guy was her boyfriend back in Grade 4 but they broke up because they were too young. At first, she thought the guy was just trying to catch up with her as a friend but he would later court her.

She didn’t think he was serious but when he sold his prized skateboard so he could travel from his home in Caloocan to her home in Nueva Ecija, she realized that he’s the real deal. He accepted her for what she is, a teenage mom – and be became a teenage stepdad to her daughter who would grow up knowing him as her dad.

According to Marquez, her daughter’s first word is “Dada” – not for her biological dad but for her stepdad.

There are so many relationships like this but Marquez is hoping that other guys out there would take responsibility over their kids. Of course, life appears to be much better for her now that Jay is in her life.