30 Delivery Riders, Pranked by Someone Who Ordered Food to Non-Existent Address

At least 30 delivery riders got pranked by someone who ordered food to a non-existent address! They only discovered the cruel prank when they all arrived at the same spot but couldn’t find the house that they’re supposed to deliver the food to.

Cruel Prank

It seems that there is a surge in the prank orders made for delivery riders, but the biggest, most cruel prank appears to have been made in Thailand recently after as many as 30 riders received fake orders.

delivery riders got pranked

Photo credit: Thai World News

The cruel prank was discovered after delivery riders began to arrive at the same spot, all asking for an address that turned out to be fake. But what started out as a pool of a handful of riders soon got worse as several more riders arrived at the same spot!

Frustrated after learning they all got pranked, the riders put all the food together at one spot – and realized that the customer made as many as 80 orders of food, all going to waste now that no one is paying it up.

The prankster must be laughing his/her head off as the poor delivery riders were left scratching their heads in frustration and anger while they all congregated at the spot where the fake address was supposed to be.

delivery riders got pranked

Photo credit: Thai World News

This appears to be the biggest prank someone ever played on food delivery riders because as many as 30 of them have been victimized. To teach the prankster a lesson, the delivery riders filed a police report about the incident. The cops are now investigating the matter.

Netizens hope that the prankster/s will be apprehended soon, to put a stop to these cruel pranks.

Pranks on Delivery Riders

With customers offered the option for cash on delivery (COD), even on food items and expensive products, a lot of food delivery riders are victimized by pranksters who order various items but either give fake addresses or simply don’t go out to pay for the order.

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