Craftsman Dad Creates Special Reading Chair For His 3 Kids

Hal Taylor, a talented craftsman and a father, enjoys reading books to his children. However, with the birth of his third child came a new challenge – they already couldn’t fit on his lap.

“When Rose was born, she proved herself to be the ‘communicator’ in the family… she was NOT going to be left out of the reading crowd!” shared Taylor.

Being the good father that he is, he decided to do something about it.

And since he is good at creating stuff, he decided to build a unique rocking chair that will allow him to read for all his three kids at the same time.

Photo credit: Hal Taylor

Photo credit: Hal Taylor

“I did not have a lap large enough for three children [so] I had to come up with something,” Taylor said. He called his creation the Storytime Rocking Chair and the rocker is now available for sale over at his website, along with other “exquisitely comfortable rocking chairs.”

According to Taylor, “There are over 200 precisely cut and shaped pieces of wood which I use to make up the 19 back braces. That is more pieces than you will find in 20 normal rocking chairs!”

Photo credit: Hal Taylor

Photo credit: Hal Taylor

Storytime sells from $7,000 to $7,500.

Why Reading Is Important For Children

“Access to books and the encouragement of the habit of reading” said children’s novel author Michael Morpurgo, “these two things are the first and most necessary steps in education and librarians, teachers and parents all over the country know it. It is our children’s right and it is also our best hope and their best hope for the future.”

To instill the habit of reading in children, SmartParenting PH reminds that parents should make the experience fun. On top of that, it is very important to start them young. Consistency is also crucial so they would understand and see how much you love reading yourself.