3-Pronged Charger Gets Embedded on Boy’s Head in Freak Accident

While parents try their best to child-proof their homes, there really are times when we overlook things or accidents happen that hurt the kids in ways we didn’t expect would happen.

In China, a child named Chen Chen almost lost his life after a 3-pronged charger got embedded on his skull while he was playing inside the house.

According to the report on the American Web Media, the child was playing with a ball and bouncing round the house when he landed on the toy and fell to the ground. The fall was rather hard and the landing was bumpy but what’s worse is that his head landed directly on a 3-pronged charger that was on the floor.

His fall on the charger was so hard that it was embedded on the left side of his skull!

Photo credit: American Web Media

Thankfully, Chen Chen’s parents were around during the accident and were able to rush him to the hospital where doctors performed a 3-hour surgery to remove the embedded prongs from his skull.

The American Web Media reported that the boy has been discharged from the hospital, with doctors feeling optimistic that the child did not suffer permanent brain damage from the incident.

It is with great hope that the site shares this child’s story so that other parents would be more watchful at home and continue to child-proof the areas where their kids play in.

How to Child-Proof a House?

Child-proofing a house depends on the things in it but the best way to do it is to kneel or sit within eye-level of a child to see the place from that perspective.

Remove top levels of drawers and don’t put breakable objects within reach. Outlets should also be covered with child-proof covers. It is also a good idea to put stoppers on doors to ensure the kids won’t get their hands wedged in.

Always keep sharp, flammable, and dangerous objects out of reach.