Girl Gets Cancer For Eating Processed and Instant Food

Are you an avid eater of processed meat  like tocino, longganisa and hotdog?

Are you so busy at work that you resort to eating instant food like noodles during breaks?

Do you drink soft drinks too often?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, then you might be interested to know about this real life story.

Jenna Brotonel Enrile’s post has been circulating on Facebook for the past few days appealing for help to support her sister, Nicole, who needs to undergo surgery to remove the tumor in her brain which other considered Stage 4 Brain cancer.

Claiming cancer does not run in their clan’s blood, Janna was wondering how her sister acquired the said disease.

Later on, after assessing and looking for possible reasons and answers, Jenna and their mom realized that Nicole was a frequent eater of processed food, instant noodles and sugary foods.

Janna shared that the detection of Nicole’s condition started when Nicole has numerous episodes of headache followed by blurring of vision. Their mom also noticed that she was having gradual memory loss.

Nicole was then brought to the hospital and underwent CT scan. Result showed that she has Glioblastoma Multiforme 4.66X6X4.5 in diameter. She was advised by the doctor to underwent surgery but stated that the rate of survival was low.

Photo : Jenna Brotonel Enrile/Facebook

Should the surgery be successful, a biopsy will be performed to know if chemotherapy will still be needed.

As of this writing, the tumor in Nicole’s brain has been removed already but she’s still in the hospital to recover her strength.

Janna also expressed her appreciation and thanks to all the people who supported them in form of financial donation and most of all, with fervent prayers, which she posted on her Facebook account.

It was known that Nicole has twin kids of whom were still very young and dependent on her. Losing her will be a big loss not only for the family but more on for her children.

The fight of Nicole continues!

Their family is still on campaign to raise funds to support Nicole, hoping and praying that she’s near to full recovery.

What is Glioblastoma Multiforme?

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common malignant primary brain tumor. These tumors are often aggressive and infiltrate surrounding brain tissue. GBMs arise from glial cells, which are cells that form the tissue that surrounds and protects other nerve cells found within the brain and spinal cord.

A simple thought from the author:

During our lolo and lola’s time there were no “instant” foods so “instant” diseases of unknown reasons were not rampant that time.

Go back to the basics where you can eat fresh fruits and more on vegetables and fish.

Watch the foods that you eat because, “Health is Wealth.”


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