Identical Twins Share the Same Boyfriend, Plan to Get Pregnant at Exactly the Same Time

Identical twins share the same boyfriend but now plan to get pregnant at exactly the same time.

World’s Most Identical Twins

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, Australia, have shared the same boyfriend, Ben Byrne, for over 9 years. It is the identical twins’ lifelong dream to look exactly alike and be like ‘just one person’ so that aside from sharing a boyfriend, they also spent a lot of money on cosmetic enhancements to copy each perfectly.

In 2015, they went viral after revealing they spent over $250,000 in cosmetic surgery to achieve just that, but the twins said they have no regrets about it.

It could be obsessive but this is how we want to live our life, we live as one person,” the twins said.

The two even do everything together, including going to the bathroom, eating, going to the mall, and just about everything else! They even speak in unison or finish each other’s sentences.

In the over 9 years that they’ve been girlfriends to Ben, the two had not gotten pregnant but they are now planning to do it together. Since they still plan on being pregnant at exactly the same time, Anna and Lucy revealed that they want to undergo IVF to achieve that plan.

The twins agreed to experience pregnancy together, even if that meant freezing their eggs at exactly the same time, too.

There are twins on This Morning who share the same man. Okaaay. What could possibly go wrong?” one netizen asked.

But considering that Anna and Lucy have been together with Ben for over 9 years, it seems that everything is working out well for them all.

So funny. Well they seem very happy, the twins!! Ben must be very fit lol. Good luck to them all,” another commented.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps with fertilization and embryo development outside the body, then implantation, so a woman can get pregnant.