3 Interesting Facts about a Filipina

While Filipinas are mostly known as conservative and shy individuals, we take pride in telling the world that we are a community of strong-willed and intelligent people.

Reaching out to the world one step at a time, we would like to introduce the Filipino women by giving you a list of interesting facts which we, as Filipinas, take pride of.


Image Credit : The Pope Photography

Filipinas are excellent home keepers

Filipinas are trained to do household chores as most mothers would teach their children, to clean and organize the house, cook, do the laundry and other chores. Most mothers would teach their kids to keep their houses clean at all times as this reflects the personality of its residents. Filipino women also take pride in their cooking and feed their family with home cooked meals. While keeping their homes clean and organized is a must, they are also focused on their family’s needs.

Filipino women are religious

Being raised in a Christian community, it is normal for Filipinas to become religious and God-fearing individuals. Since 83% of the Filipino community is comprised of Catholics, hearing Sunday masses with the entire family is a must. Also, when dating a Filipina, it is important to note that their greatest dream is to have a grand church wedding.

Filipinas are well educated

In the Philippines, college education has always been of great importance and is almost, always the priority of every parent for their children. This, they believe is a pre-requisite in landing a good paying job. While we wish to believe that every person has a good chance of succeeding in life, this belief might not be true in our country as almost all positions would require their employees to be college graduates.

In a study done by the NSCB, figures have shown that more Filipino women have completed college than men. Results reveal a 24.9% finishing rate for the women, compared to only 21.2% for the men.

While the things may not apply to every Filipina, these facts are stated to give you an idea on what a true Filipina is. Things may change and people may become westernized, but one thing I can assure you, we will always be proud to be a Filipina.

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