10 Unexpected Uses of Banana

A delicious and nutritious treat, bananas is the perfect fruit to eat during breakfast, snack time or even after every meal. Considered as one the healthiest fruits, banana is packed with all the stuff your body needs like vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and iodine. If you want to know why banana is great for your health, check out this article.

Aside from giving you countless health benefits, bananas have other clever uses that will help you combat wrinkles, insect bites and even aphids. The uncommon uses of this everyday fruit is far beyond what you could imagine. Here are some of them, according to Care2.


1. It prevents wrinkles.

You can use a banana anti-aging mask to prevent signs of skin aging like wrinkles. Use this recipe packed full of nutrients three times a week for best results.

2. It whitens teeth.

Want to have that perfect smile? Just rub a banana peel on your teeth for approximately two minutes every time you brush your teeth to get some pearly whites.

3. It treats damaged hair.

You can create your very own banana conditioner to treat dry and damaged hair. Here’s an incredible and tested recipe from Dr. Oz.

4. It treats bruises, cuts, scrapes and even warts.

Banana’s potassium content actually helps with the healing process for cuts, bruises, and scrapes. Potassium is also known to help treat warts.

5. It treats insect bites.

If your insect bite is itchy, get some relief by rubbing banana peels on the bite.

6. It exfoliates your skin.

Feed your skin with a homemade banana body sugar scrub for gentle exfoliation and skin-tightening.

7. It helps get rid of splinters.

Believe it or not, banana’s natural fruit enzymes helps get the splinter out of your skin. Just press banana peels onto the splinter to get rid of it.

8. It attracts birds and butterflies.

Birds and butterflies, just like humans, love the taste of bananas. Leave a banana out to attract these animals.

9. It combats aphids.

Can’t get rid of the pesky aphids in your favorite plant? Cut up banana peels and bury it 2-3 inches deep around the base of the plant.

10. It polishes leather and silver.

Banana peels can actually replace expensive and often toxic silver and leather cleaners. Simply rub banana peels on the surface and buff with a cloth to achieve the polished look.