8 Weight Loss Tips That You Should Ignore

There are many tips you could get in losing weight all over the internet. While other weight loss tips can be helpful, some of the most popular ones are not ineffective and can even be harmful to one’s health.

Here are some weight loss tips that you shouldn’t follow:

1. Never skip breakfast even if you are not hungry.

Many people believe that eating breakfast boosts one’s metabolism, therefore, people who would like to lose weight should always eat breakfast.

However, many studies have revealed that eating a breakfast meal doesn’t help one lose weight. If you are hungry, however, nutritionists recommend a protein rich meal for breakfast in order to feel fuller longer.

2. Don’t measure your weight everyday.

Many people believe that weighing oneself daily isn’t good or helpful because our weight fluctuates everyday and stepping on the scale daily may lead to eating disorders.

However, studies have shown that weighing oneself daily doesn’t lead to eating disorders or to any negative psychological effect.

In fact, research has proven that weighing oneself daily helps one lose more weight.

3. A juice cleanse is good for losing weight.

Juice cleanses are very popular as they claim that it can help one lose upto 10 lbs per week. However, there is very little research that actually proves this claim.

In fact, a study revealed that when a group of women did a juice cleanse to lose weight, their insulin resistance was reduced. This is because these juices usually are high in sugar.

Although doing a juice cleanse helps in losing weight, it doesn’t promote healthy eating habits that can help one manage his weight.

4. Don’t lose weight rapidly.

Many people say that losing weight gradually is better than losing weight rapidly. However, truth is, at the beginning of any weight loss program, people tend to lose weight rapidly and this does not increase the chances of gaining back the lost weight. Several studies even revealed that this can be actually helpful in the long-term.

5. Do lots of cardio.

Cardio workouts or aerobics exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. However, while it helps some people lose weight, it has little effect on others and it may even make others gain weight. When losing weight, it is best to combine cardio with strength training.


Cardio workouts are great for the health but it may not help you lose weight.

6. Minimize consumption of food items that are high in natural fat.

Many people believe that consuming food items that are high in natural fat is not good for weight loss. However, avoiding these food items completely isn’t always a good idea.

Studies show that food that contain natural fat can be beneficial in reducing body fat and weight loss.

Moreover, fat-free labeled foods are actually high in refined sugar that is actually not good for the body.

7. Eat every couple of hours.

Another tip many people follow in order to lose weight is eating every couple or three hours. However, several studies have revealed that eating frequently does not result in significant weight loss as compared to eating three or fewer meals a day. Moreover, there is also a tendency to consume more calories when one eats frequently.

8. Focus on the calories.

While it is recommended to reduce the number of calorie intake when losing weight, it should not be the only thing to consider in losing weight.

The quality of nutrients should also be considered. For example, consuming a 100-calorie pack of cookies isn’t a good idea as it mostly has refined sugars. Always consider the nutrients in a food item instead of just counting your calorie intake.

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Source: Authority Nutrition