Top 5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Period

While most women think they know everything about their monthly periods, many actually don’t! Of course, since most women get their periods as early as 10 or 11 years old, they do learn a lot about this monthly visitor in their lifetime yet there are a number of things that many of you might be surprised to learn.

We share here the top 5 surprising things you didn’t know about your period.

  1. No one can explain the mechanism of PMS

Alright, we concede on this –you probably know that PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is so crazy that no one can really explain but, really, even the most brilliant of scientists have yet to discover the actual mechanism behind this monthly experience.

Of course, you can attribute all those mood swings, acne breakouts, and cravings to hormones but just exactly how these hormones operate to influence you to feel these things is yet unknown.

  1. There are other options aside from sanitary napkins

While most women prefer wearing sanitary napkins, did you know that you can also wear tampons? Of course, many women in countries outside the Philippines make use of tampons but these and sanitary napkins are not the only choices available!

These days, you can find period panties sold in stores for you to use on lighter period days while menstrual cups (fitted inside the vagina) can be used for heavier days.

  1. Period cycles change throughout your life

Hormone changes and outside factors like stress are some of the reasons why your period cycles change throughout life. While teenage girls might experience erratic periods, this could change as they get in the 20s to 30s where periods can become more predictable.

Photo credit: Steady Health

Photo credit: Steady Health

By your 40s, however, the body undergoes another set of changes to prepare for menopause, changing your period cycles once again. But don’t worry because these period changes are gradual – you might not even notice them unless you were taking notes since your very first period.

  1. The period you experience on the pill is not a “true” period

Because birth control pills control ovulation, you wouldn’t produce an egg within your menstrual cycle but the hormones in the pill do not stop your uterus from thickening its lining in preparation for the possibility of a fertilized egg.

When you stop taking the hormone pills, you take the sugar pills and your body experiences “withdrawal” from the pills so your body still produces period-like bleeding but it is not a “true” period.

  1. You can get pregnant during your period!

Although we are shaped in a similar fashion, there are many differences between individuals’ bodies – and while most women ovulate in the middle of their menstrual cycle, there are those who actually do shortly before their period or immediately afterwards.

Couple this with the fact that sperm can actually live inside your body for up to 3 days (or more!), it truly is possible to get pregnant during your period!

You can ditch the age-old myth, stop relying on the calendar method, and start using extra protection even during or immediately around your period.