10 Surprising Uses of Toothpaste

Unknown to many, toothpaste has tons of other uses aside from whitening and brightening your smile. A tube of toothpaste has a variety of uses inside your home other than keeping your teeth healthy.

From clearing up a pimple to deodorizing baby bottles, here are the unconventional uses of toothpaste, according to Reader’s Digest.


1. A remedy for pimples

This home remedy actually works because a non-gel, non whitening toothpaste dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil. Keep in mind that toothpaste can irritate the skin so make sure to use it with caution.

2. Removes lipstick or ink stains on fabrics

Although this technique may not work on some fabrics, it won’t hurt to give it a shot. Just put a non-gel toothpaste on the lipstick or ink stain, rub the fabric firmly and rinse with water. Repeat the steps a few times more until you remove all the stains.

3. Cleans the bathroom sink

Use a non-gel toothpaste to clean your bathroom sink and eliminate odor coming from the drain trap. Simply squirt some in, scrub using a sponge and rinse out.

4. Deodorizes baby bottles

To remove the sour-milk smell in your baby bottles, put some on the brush and scrub away the baby bottle. Rinse it thoroughly to remove the unpleasant odor.

5. Cleans your clothes iron

A non-gel toothpatse contains mild abrasive that can remove the dirt off the bottom plate of your clothes iron. Just apply the toothpaste to the cool iron and scrub it using a rag. Don’t forget to rinse it clean.

6. Polishes a diamond ring

Want your diamond ring to sparkle like your teeth? Apply a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush and scrub the diamond in your ring. Don’t forget to take off the residue using a damp cloth.

7. Prevents fogged goggles

Coat goggles with a toothpaste then wipe off to prevent fogging problems.

8. Removes crayon marks from walls

To get rid of crayons on your walls, use a non-gel toothpaste to rub away the crayon marks. Do rinse the wall with water.

9. Removes smell from hands

Wash your stinky hands with toothpaste as the ingredients that deodorize your mouth is also effective in your hands.

10. Shines kitchen and bathroom chrome

The fine abrasive in a non-gel toothpaste can be used to shine up chrome on your kitchen and bathroom. Use a soft dry cloth with a smear of toothpaste to polish chrome.