6 Unexpected Uses of Rice

Rice is a dietary staple that has a multi-purpose wonder. Unknown to many, it has a variety of purpose outside the kitchen.

From making a heating pad to saving wet electronics, here are the surprising yet clever uses of rice, according to Care2.

rice1. Make a heating pad.

Fill a pouch made of cotton or wool with some rice then sew to create a heating pad. You may also fill an old sock with rice and tie the end to close. Put the heating pad inside the microwave. This will stay warm for about an hour.

2. Use it as facial wash.

Excess rice water can be used as a facial wash. Just let it cool, put it in a refrigerator and use it  as a facial wash to get glowing skin. It is advisable to use brown rice water since it is high in vitamin E.

3. It keeps salt separated.

Putting a few grains of rice in your salt shaker will prevent salt from clumping and allow it to pour freely. It also absorbs moisture inside the shaker.

4. It cleans a coffee grinder.

Get rid of coffee dust and grease in your coffee grinder by running some rice through it.

5. It can save wet electronics.

Before attempting to replace your wet gadget, try to save it first by putting it in a tub of rice for several hours or overnight. The rice will absorb the moisture and wetness in the water-logged gadget. This trick will most likely restore the wet device to working condition.

6. It ripens fruit faster.

Speed up your fruits’ ripening time by storing it in a container filled with rice. Check it twice a day so that your fruit wouldn’t get too ripe.