Multi-awarded Jollibee Service Crew Graduates as Cum Laude

A multi-awarded Jollibee service crew graduates as cum laude – and netizens love it! Many feel inspired by his story and hope that they can also achieve their goals in life, particularly graduating from college.

Jollibee Service Crew Inspires with Success Story

We love to feature people who succeed in life despite the circumstances! Just like Barry De Castro who juggled time for working as a Jollibee service crew with his studies – and still manage to graduate with flying colors.

He graduated cum laude from his course, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies from Batangas State University. He was also a consistent Dean’s Lister through college despite having to juggle time with work.

What’s even more impressive about this young man is that he didn’t just excel in school but also in his job.

Photo credit: Barry De Castro

While working at Jollibee, he received many accolades.

It seems that he is able to perfectly juggle his time with work and his studies, something that many people find difficult to do.

To get all my goals accomplished, obviously I must persevere harder and give all my best in order to realize these goals. Sabi nga ni Sir Heczel sa aming research noong Grade 12 habang minomotivate kaming mga HUMSS, ‘If you have set your goals, do whatever it takes just to achieve it,’” he shared.

Indeed, we have to work harder, exert the right amount of effort, go extra mile if necessary, utilize the available means and become genuinely passionate and determined about our goals because there’s no such thing that can be attained over night. Lahat pinaghihirapan. Lahat pinagsusumikapan.

So, what’s next for Barry?

Jollibee crew

Photo credit: Barry De Castro

He said he plans to continue reaching for his dreams and also give back to those who helped him, not only to return the favor but because it’s something he genuinely wants to do.

What’s an Accolade?

An accolade is an award or special privilege given as an honor or acknowledgment of merit.