Xian Gaza Sells Jacket, Offers iPhone 7 and 4D3N All-Expenses Paid with Him to Maldives as ‘Freebies’

Remember Xian Gaza, the guy who asked Erich Gonzales to a coffee date using a full-sized billboard? Well, the controversial guy has since been linked to Ella Cruz and had been bashed for being a ‘scammer’.

Erich declined his invitation but it seems that Xian is banking on his reputation as the ‘Coffee Date Billboard Guy’ to go viral once again, offering a Coffee-Date-Billboard-Guy-JACKET for a whopping price of Php48,888!

Who would ever buy a jacket for that crazy amount? Well, Xian offers some rather tantalizing freebies (depending on how you look at it, of course) with the purchase.

For a fixed price of Php48,888, you get the jacket plus a brand new iPhone 7 256GB in red. So, it’s really like buying an iPhone 7 with a free jacket, right?

But Xian is also adding a 4D3N All-Expenses Paid to Maldives with him! He’s probably willing to pay for the buyer’s passport and visa.

Do you think there would be any takers for this public sale?

While the price of an ordinary jacket is just around Php500 to Php1,000, the high price of this one is still quite a bargain considering the iPhone and the vacation freebies!

After all, the iPhone costs around Php42,000 on Apple’s online store and a 4D3N vacation package costs around Php50,000 per person, excluding airfare!

The requirements aren’t so difficult, either. Xian listed the following (and we can’t help but laugh at #1):

Buyer’s Qualifications:

–Female since birth

–18 to 29 years old

–Never been married

–Single or with boyfriend’s notarized permit

–Name has no touch of ‘ella’, ‘ela’, ‘erich’, ‘rich’, ‘erika’ nor ‘maica’


Xian knew that people would think this is just a joke but promised that the offer was a legit public sale.

There’s one more thing that caught people’s attention, though. Everyone knows he’s been linked to Ella and Erich but who is Maica? Hmmmmmm.