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Cop Chooses Police Work After Being Told to Pick Between Modeling and Public Service

Dubbed as “Germany’s Most Beautiful Policewoman”, Adrienne Koleszar also moonlights as a model, with nearly 700k followers on her Instagram account. But after being asked by her superiors to choose between modeling and public service, the cop chose police work.

If you were to choose between modeling and police work, would you also do the same? This woman is certainly admirable.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

Last July 1, 2018, Adrienne went on a sabbatical leave from her police work to focus on her modeling career. She traveled across the country and to other places in the world, such as Cape Town, Miami, New York, Dubai, and Amsterdam.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

As Instagram influencer, some of her trips were funded by sponsors – and she was able to continue with her modeling career for the next 6 months.

However, her superiors in the police force weren’t really happy about her bikini photos being splashed all over social media. They believe that her modeling career wasn’t appropriate conduct befitting a respected police officer.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

Adrienne was made to choose whether she should continue her sabbatical leave and become a model forever or come back to her job as policewoman on January 1.

On her Instagram posts in the late part of 2018, Adrienne struggled with her decision as she weighed the pros and cons of her two different, somewhat opposite, careers.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

Adrienne admits that she loves the life she gets to enjoy as model, having fun in photoshoots and with her trips to many places around the world. But she also loves her job as police officer.

Of course, I had to consider whether I would go back on January 1 and whether I wanted to. That’s a decision I had to make for myself, because it’s no secret that the half-year was a time when I thought about where I’m going. Am I happy with what I’m doing at the moment? Am I unhappy and do I need to change anything? It wasn’t really any more than that,” Adrienne wrote.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

Eventually, she settled for police work. It was quite a boring choice but many admired her for choosing the noble profession, especially after reports surfaced that her hometown had been struggling with finding people to join the police force.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

I’m very happy that you want to stay a policewoman! The most beautiful profession in the world, as hard as it sometimes is,” an adoring fan wrote.

Photo credit: Instagram / Adrienne Koleszar

So, modeling or police work for you?

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