Malaysian Guy Slammed for Undergoing Surgeries to Look Like Anime Character

A young entrepreneur in Malaysia has recently gone viral for looking like his favorite anime character after undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries but this did not sit well with his countrymen who criticized him for his actions.

Amirul Rizwan Musa, 21, lives in Malaysia and owns a popular line of beauty products.

But while many people are buying his products because these are supposed to be effective, especially because the owner and primary user looks great, his brand has suffered recently because of the backlash pertaining to his looks.

Musa is better known for his online name, Miyyo RizOne; this is the name he picked after making a radical transformation to look like his favorite anime character. But the social media outlets reported that he underwent surgeries to look like a Ken doll, spending as much as RM200,000 ($46,500) on plastic surgery alone.

Because of this, people criticized him and began to stop patronizing his products. It is unclear why he’s getting so much hate over something they had taken at face value in the past – and the money he is using for the cosmetic enhancements came from his own income, anyway.

Musa pleads for his clients and countrymen to stop the hate and accept him for what he is, saying that contrary to what the media reported, he did not undergo surgeries to look like a Ken doll but only to erase the marks on his skin after he contracted chicken pox when he was 16 years old.

According to Musa, most of the money he spent on the surgeries came from his winnings from the Ulzzang Asia online beauty competition back in 2012. He did not deny nor confirm whether he did spend that much on surgeries but said he only did it because he wanted to boost his self-esteem after getting chicken pox.

Photo credit: Miyyo RizOne II / Facebook

He also admitted that some of his family members, even his siblings, were not happy with his transformation but he’s thankful that his parents remain supportive of his decisions.