Woman Uses Sunset Lamp for Budget-Friendly Yet Incredible Photos at Sister’s Wedding

COVID-19 lockdowns caused problems for a wedding in Malaysia, but the bride’s sister saves the day – and she took such incredible photos using a sunset lamp that people thought she’s a professional photographer! Wow.

Malaysian Uses Sunset Lamp at Sister’s Wedding

How do you take good photos? Well, that really depends on skills – because skillful photographers can create incredible photos even with the simplest stuff.

Photo credit: @naaaahd / Nadhirah Rashid

Take for example amateur photographer Nadhirah Rashid (user @naaaahd) who managed to take amazing pictures at her sister’s wedding at home, despite the simple items they have at hand.

According to her post on Twitter, Nadhirah explained that they were unable to afford a professional photographer due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. So, she decided to put her skills to use and take the pictures on her own.

Using a sunset lamp, Nadhirah was able to take photos that impressed a lot of netizens.

She explained that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Nadhirah’s sister Zulaikha and her fiancé as well as their father had to take swab tests before going to the Islamic department for the wedding.

Zulaikha even had to do her own makeup. But the simple wedding did not deter the newlyweds who were so happy on their big day.

Nadhirah took their photos using a sunset lamp and was so happy with the results that she posted them on social media. She was surprised, however, when the photos went viral and people expressed admiration over her skills.

She later explained that just like other siblings, she and Zulaikha fought like crazy while growing up, but became the best of friends when they got older.

I was away from Malaysia for both my Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. But no matter the time zone, she would always pick up my calls whenever I needed to cry,” Nadhirah shared.

So, during Zulaikha’s wedding, Nadhirah didn’t mind becoming the photographer. What do you think of her pictures?

What’s a Sunset Lamp?

A sunset lamp projects a warm, calming glow across the room to mimic the sunset.