Woman Does Sexy Pole Dance Inside MRT

Who says you can only do pole dancing inside night clubs?

According to a report by Coconuts Bangkok, a young lady decided to show off her pole dancing skills in the most unlikely place, the Metropolitan Rapid Transit in Thailand. A video of her performing a sexy dance routine has gone viral.

The unidentified professional dancer posted the video online and wrote the caption: “Another video! I was on my way to Pahurat. I didn’t think about it at first, and then I saw the pole.”

The woman said that there were only a few people inside the train so she asked her friend to document her performance. Her dance routine, which lasted for over a minute, was done when the train was moving in between two stations.

Despite the unusual thing she did inside the train, other commuters simply ignored her.

She added: “When I sat down again, nobody dared looking at me or said a word. What is that supposed to mean?!”


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