Woman Loses 13kg in 3 Months While Still Eating Delicious-Looking Food

Many of those who fail at going on a diet admit that they did so because dieting means they have to eat boring, nearly tasteless food. So, when there are delicious options available for them, they just dig in and forget they are on a diet. ‘Cheat day’ becomes everyday and they end up no longer trying to diet at all.

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Photo credit: Nurain Sazila / Diet Suku Suku Separuh – Facebook

Dieting While Still Eating Yummy Food

But a Malaysian woman was able to lose 13kg in just 3 months, while still eating delicious-looking food! This led many people to ask her for recipes so they can also start dieting without depriving themselves of yummy food.

Nurain Sazila posted her impressive story on Malaysian dieting Facebook page, Diet Suku Suku Separuh. In the post, Nurain shared some photos of the meals she had eaten, saying that all the pictures are hers and the food she had honestly eaten.

These are a few platings of my ‘Diet Suku Suku Separuh’. The pictures are all by me and a few of the platings are done based on my mood. Thank God because by His grace I was 75kg, and I am now 57kg. For beginners, it is most easy to practice this diet. If you intend to feel full, add more fiber to your plate,” Nurain wrote.

I lost 13kg in 3-4 months, and then I took baby steps after so that I remain happy and do not feel stressed while on the diet. The key to losing weight? Patience. You have to be patient when you want to lose weight, even if it means aiming for only 2kgs a month, because 2kg x 12 months = 24kg. Slowly, but surely!

With that goal in mind, she was able to keep going. So far, she has lost a total of 18 kg as she went from 75kg to 57kg. Wow.

Popular Weight Loss Diets

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