5 Foods to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Get Fat

More people are overweight, even obese, these days because of the ready availability of delicious foods with high calories! Moreover, many of us live a sedentary lifestyle with very little exercise.

While overeating is the primary reason for obesity, there are people who eat in reasonable quantities but still get fat! That’s because there are foods that are highly fattening compared with others.

Here are 5 foods to avoid if you don’t want to get fat. WARNING: Most of these foods are probably your favorites! [Author’s note: Yes, this list broke my heart, too. LOL]


Pizzas are delicious, everyone knows that. Despite the debate on what to put or not to put on pizza (such as pineapples), pizza is a popular food for all ages. But this highly calorific food contains a lot of cheese, processed food, and carbohydrates.

If you must eat pizza, choose healthier options such as those with high-grain dough and vegetable toppings instead.


Extremely high in calories, doughnuts remain a popular snack item because these are sweet and delicious. A medium-sized glazed doughnut contains at least 300 calories. Avoid at all cost.

French Fries and Potato Chips/Wedges

A fastfood chain staple, French fries are highly popular – and highly calorific, too! Most French fries are also double fried, so imagine the oil inside those little potato sticks. A serving is estimated to have around 400 calories.

Sugar-Sweetened Coffee, Frappe

Everywhere you go these days, you’ll find coffee shops filled with young people sipping on their frappe coffee, with a dollop of whipped cream. Looks delicious, huh? But such coffee contains a lot of sugar and syrup. While black coffee itself is a good drink, sugar-sweetened coffee is a different thing.


Everyone knows that soda is harmful to the body and can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other medical conditions. Yet this has not prevented people from drinking soda as often as they can. Soda is also highly fattening.

At this point, you know the foods to avoid. Now, it takes a lot of willpower to stay away from these highly calorific, highly fattening foods. But if you value your health and don’t want to get fat, it is best to avoid these foods from now on.