Woman Drags 100-Year-Old Mom’s Cot to Bank, Manager Insisted Physical Verification

A woman was forced to drag her 100-year-old mother’s cot to the bank after the manager insisted on physical verification that she is alive.

The women’s plight had gone viral, with many slamming the manager for the heartless move, but he claims that he planned to visit the old woman’s house but they arrived at the bank before he could do that…

Physical Verification

Labhe Baghel, the 100-year-old mom, is an account holder under Jan Dhan Yojana of the Central government in Odisha, India. The Centre announced that all Jan Dhan Yojana account holders will receive pension amounting to Rs 500 (US$6.55) a month from April to June as COVID-19 assistance.

Since her mom is bedridden, Punjumati Dei went to the bank on her behalf but they refused to release the money unless she has physical proof that her mother is alive.

woman dragged mother to bank

Photo credit: Real Clips / YouTube

I went to the bank several times in the last three months and requested the bank official to release the pension amount. However, the official informed that they would release the pension only if I bring my mother to the branch,” Punjumati explained.

She tried many times to explain that she can’t bring her mom to the bank because she’s bedridden, they live far, and they don’t even have a wheelchair. But the bank officials still refused to release the money. So, Punjumati was forced to drag her bedridden 100-year-old mother to the bank!

woman dragged mother to bank

Photo credit: Real Clips / YouTube

People who saw the pair in the streets got angry after learning about the situation, especially because Punjumati is already 60 years old. Many slammed the bank for being heartless, putting these two in such a difficult situation over a total of just Rs 1,500 (US$20)!

What is a Jan Dhan Yojana Account?

The Jan Dhan Yojana account is a financial inclusion program of the Government of India open to Indian citizens. It aims to expand affordable access to financial services such as bank accounts, insurance and pensions, remittances, and credit.

Any Indian citizen above the age of 10 can open such an account.

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