6-Year-Old Kid Accidentally Runs Over Chick with His Bike, Takes it to Hospital

A 6-year-old kid recently went viral for his compassionate act to a chick which he had accidentally run over with his bike. The kid was terrified for the chick’s life and had no idea that it was beyond saving, but he rushed to the hospital with his savings in hand – and he would receive the world’s admiration for the innocent deed.

Derek Lalchhanhima hails from Sairang in the northeastern state of Mizoram, India. The kid was playing with his bike when he accidentally ran over a chick. Unable to understand that the chick could no longer be saved, he hurried him to ask his dad for his savings.

Photo credit: Sanga Says / Facebook

With 10 rupees (US$0.14) in his hand, the kid rushed to the hospital with the chick – and begged the medical staff to save the poor creature. A nurse took a snapshot of the kid’s serious, forlorn expression as he tried to many the staff save the little chick.

Derek’s father Dhiraj Chhetri, a police officer, showed the photo of the kid to his friends – and family friend Sanga Says would post it on Facebook with a rather appropriate caption:

I’m laughing and crying all at the same time,” Sanga wrote, explaining what happened.

He added that after Derek begged his parents to take the chick to the hospital, he was told to bring it there himself as he was the one responsible. Thus, the kid was so serious in taking the creature there himself. Cute!

Photo credit: Sanga Says / Facebook

Derek has certainly won a lot of hearts with his innocent act – and his school would soon honor him for the deed after his photo went viral.

His new photo went viral again. This time, the boy had a big smile as he posed for a photo. A shawl was draped on his shoulders as a sign of honor and he holds a certificate for his good deed. Congratulations, kid!