Pacquiao Celebrates 40th Birthday, Gives Away 4 Cars and 58 Motorcycles

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is one of the country’s richest citizens and is known for his lavish birthday parties that are often attended by many of the country’s high-ranking politicians and popular showbiz personalities.

Last Monday, December 17, the boxing champ and senator turned 40 – and he marked the day with one of his grandest parties yet. It was attended by no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines,Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

And as is customary in Pacquiao’s birthday celebration, the once-poor boxer shared his blessings to many people. This year, he raffled off not just thousands of cellphones and appliances but amazingly also included 4 cars and 58 motorcycles! Wow.

One of Pacquiao’s trusted aides, Mel Bernabe, revealed that the boxing champ gave away 24 units of 40-inch LED TVs, 58 motorcycles, 2 units Suzuki Dzire, a Ford Ranger pick-up truck, and a Toyota Vios. There were also a total of 1,250 gifts shared to guests.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be invited to Pacquiao’s birthday party? Not only do you get to enjoy the good food and great music, you also get to meet Pacquiao and many famous personalities – plus you get the chance to win a prize!

The event was held at KCC Convention and Events Center in General Santos City; it was attended by the president.

The previous day, the WBA Welterweight champion gave away thousands of groceries to his constituents.

Thousands of people lined up outside Pacman Beach Resort in Tinoto, Sarangani, not just his constituents from Sarangani but also people from his original hometown, General Santos City.

Many of these poor folks were there not just for the groceries but also for the chance to meet Pacquiao, their idol, in person.

“Yes, automatic ‘yan [sharing your blessings]. ‘Pag binigyan ka ng blessings, hindi lang ‘yun para sa ‘yo kundi para mai-share mo sa ibang tao,” Pacquiao told reporters.